The Gully TOWN Club receives $649 Community Grant


A Community Grant of $649 has been provided to this seven year old club to purchase a laptop computer to replace their old computer.

TAKE OFF WEIGHT NATURALLY CLUBS aim to provide support and encouragement to all members to enable them to make healthy lifestyle changes that will result in lifelong, healthy weight control. 

The Gully TOWN Club encourages weight loss by promotion of a nutritional eating regime at weekly meetings that include weigh-in and group therapy. 

TOWN  Clubs of Victoria was started in Melbourne in 1968 by two Melbourne women who based the first club on the pattern of an American weight loss organisation.

TOWN is a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers who are willing to work and promote weight loss for men, women and young people, while at the same time striving to achieve their own weight loss goals. 

For more information on how the Club operates or to join, follow the link